Sunday, January 18, 2004


unchained melody video clip (quicktime progressive download)

unchained melody - zipped download from my idisk. (this version of the file might work best for windows users with dial-up. the file transfers completely before playing. you may need to unzip it before viewing. the file name is

this video clip is 6.8 megabytes in file size and 3 minutes in duration. edited in imovie.

to view this video clip requires quicktime 6, a free download from the link at the top right section of the page at apple computer's quicktime download page. (if you use a computer less than one year old, you may already have quicktime 6 installed on the computer.)

the transfer time for this video clip is about 40 minutes via 56k dial-up modem connection. dial-up users may want to try downloading the video overnight.

this video clip plays in real-time when viewed via dsl, cable modem, T1 or other
high-speed internet connection.

note - this video clip is best viewed with speakers attached to your computer.

background info: the 5th-grade student playing guitar in this video clip had never played guitar before. she declared she wanted to try playing guitar for the first time in this video. this video clip was shot in august, 2003, in the mount pleasant neighborhood of washington dc.

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