Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Flashpoint software looks good

i've been on the lookout for software that creates multimedia storytelling flash files and that is affordable and easy to use. flashpoint from sausage software (for windows) looks like it does the trick.

the publisher describes it in this way: "Flashpoint is a low cost yet versatile tool to create eye-catching presentations with streaming audio for playback over the web or directly from your PC, laptop or handheld. The output format is standard HTML and Flash."

this software lets you scan in images or drag and drop them in. you can import mp3 audio files. you can add links to any object or picture. you can add gradients to your presentations. the download includes a program named "flashpoint audio" that converts wav files to mp3 audio files.

flashpoint reminds me of hyperstudio in its ease of use. here's a sample flashpoint file i made in just a few minutes. the navigation arrows were added by flashpoint without my evening having to ask for them.

i intentionally created mp3 audio files with a very high sound quality, as most of the web multimedia i make is intended for viewing/hearing with broadband. when i have enough free time, i make the same multimedia geared for dial-up users.

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