Sunday, October 12, 2003

Skype Internet phone software installed

I've got Skype Internet phone software installed on my Dell laptop at work. I also installed MP3-Recorder, which ought to let me record high quality audio from Internet phone conversations. As I understand, this combination of software programs could let anyone interview anyone else and produce a high quality wav (uncompressed) audio file. You could then take that audio file and merge it with a jpeg photo to create an audio annonated jpeg along the lines of this interview with David Welsh back in 1997. 1997? My how the years go by. If you'd like to merge jpeg photos (or any graphics) with an audio file, QuickTime Pro ($30 for Macintosh or Windows), is one of the best tools for doing so. (Note - QuickTime Pro is just a password enhanced version of standard QuickTime.)

You can find out the steps you need to make an audio annotated jpeg in a QuickTime I made over here. Steve Ronan, if you have a moment, let's try out Skype sometime.

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